Oxjam Takeover 2016

The Oxjam Cambridge 2016 gig happened on Saturday. A mass takeover of 10 Cambridge venues, to raise money for Oxfam.

I played two sets – one at 2468 and other other at The Snug Bar in Cambridge. The former I’d last been into when it was the vaults, the latter I’d not been into since trying to catch up with Paul Richards after a CB2 gig. Though pre-gig I was trying to reminisce with Aidy about the dimensions of when the venue was the old Boat Race. I must have been playing on where the old stage was – it was by the entrance to the toilets! – but I couldn’t quite place the location of the door and the sound desk. And then when I put the bar in place it mentally seemed smaller than it used to be, though maybe it was larger in my memory than in reality.

I did get soaked going between the two venues – a rain storm just fell between the two sets. When I checked the weather in the morning I had been promised dryness. I left the Portland (where I went after performing) early because of this and had a migraine the next day. But nothing compared to what the people for whom these funds were intended go through. Still, got to see The Abstracts perform a really cool set, and bumped into the checkout lady at Waitrose who’d recognised me as Karmadillo the day before when shopping. Fame!

Lots of acts contributed, but special mention must go to the organising crew – especially Sandy Mills – and the sound people for the efforts they put in to making this happen.

Oxjam Cambridge Takeover gig 2016
Oxjam Cambridge Takeover gig 2016

Cheers to Aidy of The British IBM for the photo!

Karmadillo – Cambridge Busking Festival Winner 2010

So in the midst of a day of migraine pain on Wednesday I had a call from Heather at the council who organised the Busking Festival we played at last week. Karmadillo were voted by the audience as their favourite act of the Festival! That was great news, and I bounced around for at least five minutes before going back to holding my head going ‘Ow Ow Ow’. Thanks to all who voted! Your support was great and appreciated greatly.

You can read the full tale of my days out at the busking festival. I’m also busking later on this month raising money for Cancer research as part of the big busk for cancer. This is happening between 17th – 25th July 2010 – I’ll put more information about it up here next week when I’ve figured out what I’m doing.



Manga, Cross Kings, London

Join us on a night of music, burlesque, comedy and general craziness… all in memory of a true friend & an amazing person; Jeremy Plank. (Saturday 24th October, 8pm – 2am, The Cross Kings, 126 York Way, London, N1 0AX)


Other Acts include:

Rude Mechanicals


A Pan-dimensional Creature manifesting itself in your reality as an Absurd Rock Band consisting of Miss Roberts and her symbiotic slaves. Punk Cabaret Alt Funk Art Rock…maybe?

Tess Cunningham
Beautifully unique songs….. stories that need to be told … classically trained as a pianist, Tess writes, composes and produces without fear or favour, expressing – often dark, always passionate, sometimes heart on sleeve, others in your face – truthful, lyrical dynamism…

Kate Newell – Featuring the most inimitable Nurse E, belting – from her very bosoms – a delightful set of dirty ditties and cabaret tunes, Sordid Cabaret aims to tempt, tease and tit-ilate you. In Sordid Cabaret, a touch of class mingles with (perhaps more than) a touch of… well, never mind, wouldn’t want to be rude or anything…

All proceeds will go to Beating Bowel Cancer, a leading UK charity. Through their work they aim to save lives from this common cancer.

£5 secures you a place on the guestlist… please state names and number of tickets. For those of you who want to donate more… we won’t say no!! Please donate at www.justgiving.co.uk/manga or pay on the door.