Nerd themed gig alert!!!

Theres a nerdy themed gig going on Friday April 26, 2013. More details from the Facebook Page. I guess I’ll just have to throw some science stuff into the mix won’t I? 😉

In particular, it’ll be a pleasure to support RANDOM aka Mega Ran a forefather of the whole nerdcore hip-hop movement and it’s safe to say that without him artists like MC Frontalot, MC Chris and MC Lars wouldn’t even exist. His music is hip-hop but his love of video games and nerd culture take centre stage, especially in his Mega Man-themed series of albums (which are even officially sanctioned by Mega Man’s creators Capcom!). Also supporting is MC iPOD.

Doors at 8ish. Starts around half 8. All at the Corner House, Newmarket Road, Cambridge. An even fiver on the door, or save a quid and buy a ticket from

flyer for Random, Karmadillo and MC iPod
flyer for Random, Karmadillo and MC iPod

December giggage

After 8 months or so of baby-led hiatus, Karmadillo will be making a trio of appearances this December at Cambridge venues.

The first will be
Thursday 13th December – supporting Jacqui & Geoff at The Cornerhouse
Sunday 16th December – interlude at the Fat Fox Productions Christmas Show at CB2, Norfolk Street
Tuesday 18th December – supporting the excellent Kerfuffle at The Portland Arms, Cambridge, touring on their new Lighten The Dark album.

Cambridge Buskers Festival

Look for last years Winner of the Best Act of the Cambridge Buskers Festival Award out on the streets of Cambridge again! Performance details to be announced but I’m sure to be out and about for this. Hopefully the weather will be as good as last years!

UPDATE Busking show schedule now up!!!!
Karmadillo will be on the streets of Cambridge at the following time:

Thursday 30th June
3pm – Market Street / Sidney Street

Friday 1st July
Corner of Petty Cury/Guildhall – 3pm
Half way up Petty Cury – 4pm

Saturday 2nd July
noon – D’Arrys Wine Shop
1pm – Sussex Street, by Millers Music

Haymakers, Cambridge

The first Karmadillo performance of 2011 in Cambridge is at The Haymakers, not The Cornerhouse – Sunday 9th Jan onstage 9.30! Free entry.

Going to be the only gig for a bit as hopefully the knee op will happen this month!

Karmadillo – Cambridge Busking Festival Winner 2010

So in the midst of a day of migraine pain on Wednesday I had a call from Heather at the council who organised the Busking Festival we played at last week. Karmadillo were voted by the audience as their favourite act of the Festival! That was great news, and I bounced around for at least five minutes before going back to holding my head going ‘Ow Ow Ow’. Thanks to all who voted! Your support was great and appreciated greatly.

You can read the full tale of my days out at the busking festival. I’m also busking later on this month raising money for Cancer research as part of the big busk for cancer. This is happening between 17th – 25th July 2010 – I’ll put more information about it up here next week when I’ve figured out what I’m doing.



The Cambridge Busking Festival Experience

So the weekend just gone was the Cambridge Busking Festival. This was organised by Cambridge City Council – in particular many thanks go to Heather Bevan-Hunt for her efforts in making it happen. There were many great musicians and entertainers to be seen across town, from Ukeylove ukuleles and Karmadillo to ZimStrings playing their classical music and Chancellors of Vice playing their soul-funk mix. I enjoyed everything I saw.

Luckily it was a sunny day out on the streets of Cambridge, and although I had some criticism of my choice of busking socks on the Friday I think it still went well!

IMG_2281 IMG_2283 IMG_2290

The first place I played was following Planetzim from the UkeyLove collective. These guys came up from London and we had them crashing around our place. Meant the start to the days was a bit more archaic than usual, and was already in a party mood by the time I left the place!

 IMG_2322 IMG_2301 IMG_2318

I had various slots around town on Friday and Saturday. The first day was the one that saw criticism of my socks and unfortunately no photos exist of the much better and groovier socks I was wearing the next day!

34443_403099011190_620586190_4778292_7381449_n 34443_403099001190_620586190_4778290_3425161_n IMG_2299 IMG_2295

After playing a couple of the slots I had a wonder round. I don’t have the names of all the artists I caught sight of unfortunately, but the mellow world music sounds of the guys with the giant xylophones was something different and special.

IMG_2347 IMG_2349 IMG_2350

Unexpectedly the place I enjoyed playing at the most was the slot at the end of Friday in St Giles Church. Slightly out of the centre of town and being indoors, it was never going to be a place to get passers by being drawn to watch, but there was a small but appreciative audience. For a start the room was cool, and the ladies running the cake sale offered some deliciously refreshing orange juice. Once ready to play the acoustics were fantastic and I would like to go back sometime and make an acoustic recording in there at some point.

There are monthly cake sales for a charity happening there as well – I’d recommend popping in and trying some of those cakes out when that happens!


IMG_2373 IMG_2352IMG_2353 IMG_2371

Cambridge Busking Festivals – The Times, The Places!

Well as I mentioned before we have an appearance at the Cambridge Buskers Festival happening in July. Obviously this will just be me and my charango!

Times, dates and places are

Friday 2nd June

1pm – 2pm in Fishers Square
3pm – 4pm at St Giles’s Church, Castle St

Saturday 3rd June

12.00 – 13.00 in Sussex Street
13.00 – 14.00 at Quayside

So get ready with some spare change if you have any!

View Cambridge Busking Festival Pitches in a larger map

Cambridge Big Day Out

Karmadillo are pleased to announce that they have been booked for not one but two appearances at Cambridges Big Weekend Festival! The festival happens on Parkers Piece and runs in the Second Weekend of July and there’ll be a set on Saturday and a more world music themed set on Sunday. Stage times etc etc to appear soon!

Portland Arms, Cambridge

So, after the cancellation of the gig supporting the Lancashire Hotpots Karmadillo will play the Portland Arms in Cambridge – just a month late. Part of the unveiling the new sounds as Rishi reworks Karmadillo as a one man act with Stadium Rock attitude.

Facebook Event Page

Support on the night comes from London based ukulele player extraordinaire Pitt Reeves. Googling for Pitt Reeves gives a mixture of results involving Brad and Keanu, so ladies, this is a must attend event!

Also playing are Will Makower and the Steve Bradshaw powered Moosevaark! £3 entry

Cambridge Corn Exchange Appearance!

Want to see Karmadillo on the big stage? Its happening at The Cambridge Corn Exchange on April 1st! This will be as part of a Council organized Urban/World event and is free entry.

Not sure of the onstage time at the moment – there were some last minute alterations to the programme. Will send the info out via twitter/email in the afternoon.