Otway Support Reviews ;-)

There were a couple of reviews made of the John Otway show last week in Cambridge, and a couple of nice Karmadillo mentions in some of them 😉 I had a great time, and really enjoyed Otways show.

From Cambridge Local Secrets:

It’s just as well that Otway is so good because support act Karmadillo was a hard one to follow. He plays a charango, which is a small guitar originally designed to be made out of an armadillo, although his one is made out of mere wood: ‘Anything hairier than my legs shouldn’t be a musical instrument’. He performs witty, often tender songs, of a kind that would go down well as an interlude in a Radio 4 chat show.

And from Slate The Disco:

Also deserving of a mention is support act Rishi, aka Karmadillo who performed songs on topics ranging from zombies to ageing porn stars on a mini guitar called a charango traditionally made from an armadillo shell. His gentile eccentricity and sense of humour made him the perfect warmup for Otway’s comedy rock and roll show.


Bard For Life – Postcard Plus Download Code

You’ve been able to buy the Karmadillo Bard For Life album for a while from many sources – but now it is also available as a postcard with a download code. This means you can enjoy the fantastic artwork (by Miss Roberts of Rude Mechanicals fame) on your wall whilst you are listening to it!!!

bard_for_life_postcard front 700px

Buzz Fest!!!

Playing Buzz Fest at The Cornerhouse off Newmarket Road in Cambridge tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 3rd August) – onstage 4pm with Free entry!

Here’s the rest of the Saturday line-up!

SJ Mortimer 13:25
Spikey Wild 14:00
Tom Tilbury 14:35
Rob Jackson 15:05
Broken Desperado 15:25
Karmadillo 16:00
Mark Shepherd 16:35
Romy 17:10
Paul Gloyne 17:45
Nathan James King 18:20
Edward Alice 19:00

Any Love Is Good Love CD launched

Any Love Is Good Love CD cover
Any Love Is Good Love CD cover

You can now purchase the Any Love Is Good Love compilation album from the page on Bandcamp, which aims to raise awareness of raise awareness of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. Much respect is due to Emma from Ten Tigers/Lost Harbours and Ste McCabe who put it together. Funds from this are going to LGBT Youth North West (formerly Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester). You can read Emma’s thoughts on the Any Love Is Good Love compilation album, which aims to raise awareness as well as funds.

You can watch the video for the Karmadillo contribution. The compilation has a foreword from Peter Tatchell, artwork by Luis Drayton and features music from: Ste McCabe, Ten Tigers, The Lovely Eggs, The Get, Das Wanderlust (last ever recording), Bearsuit, Tumbledryer Babies, Death of the Elephant, Dragchrist, Salty Lips, Pocket Gods, Mary Cigarettes, Karmadillo, Art Gruppe, Stella Zine, Zorras, Lost Harbours and my favourite named artist of the bunch, Toska Wilde.