Londons Ethnicity Mix

I love the fact that London has such a great mix of peoples. Yesterday I went out and came across a Caribbean festival whilst wearing a Peruvian football shirt and hunting for a Russian Newspaper. The Newspaper being hunted for was eventually found in a Latvian shop, and I cycled through an orthodox Jewish area and had a South American lunch on the way back.

Looking Good!

Well the bulk of the new site is now up. We also have a load of new gigs now placed up on the site over the summer, so check those out. It’ll take some time to get the content all back up – but the music and video sections are still thriving, and lets face it, the music is whats it is all about!!

Portland Arms, Cambridge

Price Info: £4

Four bands what play guitars and stuff, kind of like a bit indie, except for Karmadillo, they use a little stringed instrument made out a dead animal and sing folky kind of comedy stuff.

The bands that are not Karmadillo (who you probably know about as you are reading this on!)


Bull & Gate, London

A full gig in London with our new drummer – the first one unveiling the Phil into the big smoke. On stage time is 8.15 – and cost is £4 with flyer and £5 without.


Wax Lyrical, Islington, London

A free entry acoustic music night for solo, duo’s and trio acts, in one of Islington’s premium bars “Wax Jambu” 144-145 Upper Street, Islington, N1 1QY.

On Sunday’s the candlelight bar offers a relaxed atmosphere with comfortable décor, great beers, fine wines and amazing cocktails. There is also tasty Sunday roast served until 7.00pm and free wifi, an ideal way to whined the weekend up!