Addenbrookes Fundraiser @ The Tall Trees

7 May 2022 - 14:00

Karmadillo will be playing at 6.45 for the Addenbrookes Fundraising Show at The Tall Trees.

Thanks to Paul Christoforou for putting this together! I’ll have to try to put my Born on The NHS Song back together for this one!

Tickets available from

2.00- 2.25 THE LIGHTWAVES ( duo)
2.35-3.00 EMILY SIMMONS (solo)
3.10-3.35 NIA SOMMER (duo)
3.45-4.30 SEAN AND FRIENDS – band
4.40-5.25 MOLA MOLA 5 piece band
5.35-6.00 WILD HOPE – 4 piece band
6.10-6.35 JOSIE CAMPBELL (duo)
6.45-7.10 KARMADILLO
7.20-7.45 JENEM (solo)

Tall Trees Flyer for Saturday 7th May
Tall Trees Flyer for Saturday 7th May

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