Why Must I Be A Teeange Zombie In Love?

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The song was written by Rishi but mixed, produced, recorded by and featuring performances from Benny G of the Organ Grinders Monkey – a phenomenal thank you goes to him! Mastered by Philosophers Barn and released on UkeyLove Records as a track off the Bard For Life album.

Camera work and co-direction with Katya Gorodova, filmed in October 2010 and released the day before Halloween! A big thank you to The Portland Arms and Jesus College Cambridge for filming premises!

Miranda July passes 2000 views on YouTube

A song I wrote a couple of years ago with a has just past 2000 view on Youtube!

Some of the charango playing on this video could doing with improvement and I’ve just noticed that Youtube now allow the swapping in and out of the soundtrack so I’ll put that on the to do list!

Congratulations to Kate & Simon

Last weekend saw the wedding of ex-Karmadillo member Kate Newell to Simon in Wales. It was a pretty amazing wedding (though not as good as the previous one I’d been to 😉 ) and I was honoured to do a reading at the ceremony on their special day.

I was also inspired to put together a little photo montage as a tribute to Kate set to the song I wrote after hearing her play the oboe, and she came and wrote and recorded a brilliant solo over to the top of the song ‘Still’. Hope you enjoy.


The song (remastered version of an earlier one) will be part of our Bard For Life album coming out August 2010. If you want to know when that’ll be released why not join our mailing list?

Noone Else video for Youtube LifeInADay project

Here is a video for the new version Noone Else on the forthcoming Bard For Life album!


Single Available from iTunes (and now with added Amazon!), released September 2010. More stores coming soon

You may not have the time and money
To get psychiatric help
But you can get on to the online stores
And buy Noone Else!

All the footage was shot on 24th July 2010 so it could be eligible for the Life In A Day project run on youtube.

Luckily we were on our way to the wedding of ex-Karmadillo member Kate Newells wedding in Wales which happened on that day, so we could take advantage of some great scenery for the video. The first half of the video was a really nice hotel in Chester we were staying in and then the lovely Welsh countryside near Bets-y-Coed where the wedding was taking place to provide a gorgeous backdrop to the finale.

Ode To Arabidopsis

A Musicians favourite plant’s supposed to be marijuana
But I prefer A dot thaliana
Unravelling DNA and all the drama
that entails

A model organism standing alone
With your 5 delectable chromosomes
Your genes provide a knockout selection
That I just wanna grow

The papers you’ve provided have been ample
Your my favourite genus of which to prepare a sample
For a run on
the Illumina machine

That the public don’t know you / thats unfair
But they can get your genome / thanks to TAIR
at arabidopsis.org
All the info’s there

A girls favourite flower is of the genus rosa
But a man who gives you those is just a poser
I wanna woman who knows the
ideas that mustard seeds

In a hundred years from now they’ll forget these days
How your hundred and 57 million base pairs paved the way
helping scientists investigate the function of genes in the DNA


Why are there no pop hits / about arabidopsis

And all the hard work you doooo for plant science

noone knows your story / roses get the glory

but lets celebrate you in these modern times

Single Launch – Come With Me

As part of a T-mobile ad campaign last year there was a move to get loads of people recording a song to make a supergroup of sorts. There were video recording sessions in various places across the country including London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Bristol. I turned up to a session filming in a covered market area in an area of London whose name I now forget, wearing my coolest jacket accompanied by my dorkiest hat. Usually I am a slave to my own brand of fashion but the day was very cold and tuning the charango up to its standard pitch resulted in two broken strings by the end of the afternoon 🙁 However as I was placed next to the drums the delicate tonal quality of the charango was not going to be picked up by the microphones! One the right side of me was the ukulele section of the band, though the cameras failed to get our synchronised Status Quo imitation moves onto digitalulloid.

Musically though, the charango was resurrected! A week after going down for the filming in London, I was invited down to specially record a charango track for the song, which is the opening instrument on the track before getting mixed in with the 1000+ other contributors to the recording. It was quite cool being in one of the best studio’s I’ve ever visited, though it was a bit disconcerting having to put a happy-cheery-pop hat on after being told the room you are in is where Radiohead recorded the awesomeness that is The Bends!!!

Anyway the single comes out this month, but in the meanwhile see if you can spot the Rishi in the video! (UPDATE – Single can be downloaded as an mp3 from Amazon!!!)

Many thanks to Josh for getting the ball rolling on this – the recording was a fun day out on both occasions, and it must be pretty cool to have made this happen.

Ukulele World Record Attempt Video

This is the attempt at the world record for the number of ukulele’s being played at the
same time. The record was smashed completely! A huge amount of thanks to
Quincy, Jez and all the others who made it happen!