MISSING U – A Doctor Who themed video

The theme for this video is inspired by the Doctor Who story Shada, and recreates The Fourth Doctor (the Tom Baker one!) being chased around Cambridge on a bicycle by a giant white blob. Special effects meant we could get the giant white blob chasing though we couldn’t quite manage the barbershop quartet in a doorway! A ludicrously long scarf as well as the charango was too impratical but there is a McCoy era tank top and a Davidson era celery stick!

Without further ado … the music video to the song MISSING U by Karmadillo.

Many thanks to Rob Kemp, who directed the video early on a Sunday morning and figured out the locations for the original scenes from Shada – Thanks!

George Takei inspires….

‘Don’t Listen To The Douchebags (Listen To George Takei)’ is a properly recorded version of a Youtube thing I did. That acoustic-recorded-on-the-webcam song was inspired by George Takei’s response to a school board member in the US who went on a Facebook rant saying he wished all the gay kids were dead. The board member later ended up resigning live on TV. Shortly after that I had the opportunity to contribute to a compilation CD highlighting gay and transgender bullying issues, so recorded the song properly, and made a video. Which cheekily features it’s inspiration 😉 Here it is:

This version of the song was recorded two years ago, and the incident that inspired the George Takei response was before that, but amidst the fuss over legalising gay marriage (in the UK) has also brought out the stories of violence and harassment of gay and trans-gendered people.

This song is being released on the Any Love Is Good Love compilation CD, which aims to raise awareness as well as fundraise. You can purchase the album from the Any Love Is Good Love page on Bandcamp. Much respect is due to from Ten Tigers/Lost Harbours and Ste McCabe who put it together. Funds from this are going to LGBT Youth North West (formerly Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester).

Any Love Is Good Love CD cover
Any Love Is Good Love CD cover

Don’t Listen To The Douchebags (Listen To George Takei)

I’ve written one Star Trek inspired song, but here (in a roundabout way) is another, though slightly more serious in nature.

The source of the inspiration is George Takei’s hilarious response to anti-gay bully Clint McCance, former Arkansas school board member who called for more gays teens to kill themselves. You can watch that here. (Edit – video was deleted so link removed).

And here is the song it inspired. Its slightly ironic that the video I made a couple of weeks ago was about dead teenagers rising from the grave, whereas one facet of this one is encouraging teenagers not to top themselves.

The Trevor Project, referenced to in the video, is here.