First gigs on 2015

There has been a bit of a hiatus but now the winter is over, Avarice the charango has crawled out of her hidey hole and once she’s had a couple of whiskeys will be ready to hit the road again.

some gig dates for 2015 are starting to fall into place. The first Cambridge one is at Relevant Records on April 2nd, but before that the first London one is at The Bohemia Hackney on March 14th!

More will come – See the EVENTS PAGE for full details.

Bling Ya Ting Festival Appearance

OK, this will be the biggest stage appearance for Karmadillo as of yet, at the world/urban music festival at the Cambridge Corn Exchange happening tomorrow. I’ve decided to soup up the stage act as well – playing this solo means in a big hall means the audience at the back probably won’t even be able to see the charango, so I’ve decided to try integrating some dance moves!

Anyway – will see how it goes!