Cyco Vision – Suicidal Tendencies Cover

I’m really chuffed to announce that the first volume in the “Phony Hawks Faux Skater” series has been released, and features Karmadillo take on Cyco Vision by Suicidal Tendencies. This is a short punk song I tried my best to turn into a prog rock extravaganza, but despite nearly doubling it’s length it still comes in at under four minutes!

“…sees Hellaphant take on We Are Scientists, Karmadillo cover Suicidal Tendencies, Project Multivitamin do Goldfinger, and Secret, Indiana‘s version of Mad Capsule Markets!”

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Bard For Life – Postcard Plus Download Code

You’ve been able to buy the Karmadillo Bard For Life album for a while from many sources – but now it is also available as a postcard with a download code. This means you can enjoy the fantastic artwork (by Miss Roberts of Rude Mechanicals fame) on your wall whilst you are listening to it!!!

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Any Love Is Good Love CD launched

Any Love Is Good Love CD cover
Any Love Is Good Love CD cover

You can now purchase the Any Love Is Good Love compilation album from the page on Bandcamp, which aims to raise awareness of raise awareness of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. Much respect is due to Emma from Ten Tigers/Lost Harbours and Ste McCabe who put it together. Funds from this are going to LGBT Youth North West (formerly Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester). You can read Emma’s thoughts on the Any Love Is Good Love compilation album, which aims to raise awareness as well as funds.

You can watch the video for the Karmadillo contribution. The compilation has a foreword from Peter Tatchell, artwork by Luis Drayton and features music from: Ste McCabe, Ten Tigers, The Lovely Eggs, The Get, Das Wanderlust (last ever recording), Bearsuit, Tumbledryer Babies, Death of the Elephant, Dragchrist, Salty Lips, Pocket Gods, Mary Cigarettes, Karmadillo, Art Gruppe, Stella Zine, Zorras, Lost Harbours and my favourite named artist of the bunch, Toska Wilde.

George Takei inspires….

‘Don’t Listen To The Douchebags (Listen To George Takei)’ is a properly recorded version of a Youtube thing I did. That acoustic-recorded-on-the-webcam song was inspired by George Takei’s response to a school board member in the US who went on a Facebook rant saying he wished all the gay kids were dead. The board member later ended up resigning live on TV. Shortly after that I had the opportunity to contribute to a compilation CD highlighting gay and transgender bullying issues, so recorded the song properly, and made a video. Which cheekily features it’s inspiration 😉 Here it is:

This version of the song was recorded two years ago, and the incident that inspired the George Takei response was before that, but amidst the fuss over legalising gay marriage (in the UK) has also brought out the stories of violence and harassment of gay and trans-gendered people.

This song is being released on the Any Love Is Good Love compilation CD, which aims to raise awareness as well as fundraise. You can purchase the album from the Any Love Is Good Love page on Bandcamp. Much respect is due to from Ten Tigers/Lost Harbours and Ste McCabe who put it together. Funds from this are going to LGBT Youth North West (formerly Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester).

Any Love Is Good Love CD cover
Any Love Is Good Love CD cover

Crunchy On The Inside

It was 6 years ago this week that we released ‘Crunchy On The Inside’. In that primitive era there was only a CD release of the album. There was also some great artwork…

Anyway, this album has now been released on digital stores, together with additional tracks, as an enhanced version.

The version on Bandcamp will be updated to include the new tracks soon as well.

Radio Gagarin

From the ‘Geek Like Me’ EP on Spotify and  Bandcamp websites, amongst other places.

I was going to write an article about the science and personnel issues behind this but The Guardian have beaten me to it and done a much better job. In particular, the story of Korosov, the lead engineer, is impressive and needs to be acknowledged.

This song was an experimental song than usual for me, trying out synth MIDI bass lines and dance rhythms. I’m particularly chuffed at the end of the song having recordings of Gagarins real radio broadcasts from that flight. When I get to that point in the song I like to close my eyes and really try to imagine what that was like to be sitting in the cockpit. I have a feeling of serenity wash over me that is probably completely different from what it was actually like to be in that situation!



Bard For Life – The Album

We are proud to announce that the first Karmadillo album with UkeyLove Records is now available on iTunes! ‘Bard For Life’ features 11 Karmadillo tracks, available for the first time online.

Places to Buy The Album

Track Listings

  1. Noone Else (drums)
  2. Veloceraptor
  3. Why Must I Be A Teenage Zombie In Love
  4. Facebook Makes This Bit Easy
  5. Still
  6. Australia
  7. Noone Else Oboe Mashup (original)
  8. Rent Boy
  9. Woman In Red
  10. E.T.
  11. Mars and Venus

The album is in part a retrospective of Karmadillo work in the naughties, and features contributions from many Cambridge musicians including Jon Craven from Liquid Sky, accordian maestro Karl Sandeman and Tom Barden, drummer from the Pony Collaboration.

The album cover was designed by Miss Roberts of the Rude Mechanicals.