The Michael Jackson influence

So there is the overkill of news reporting on this case at a time when there is a growing crisis in/with Iran and the possibility of the Senate approving steps to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Thats not say the death wasn’t saddening, or that I hadn’t experienced the phenomenon. It did make me think about how he seems like part of my musical background, even though I can’t to any creation and say, yeah this has got the Michael Jacskon Spirit.

I vividly recall as a pre-teen going around my friends house who lived ten houses down from me and planting myself in his living room as he’d managed to video tape Thriller off a Saturday morning kids show, and we watched it incessently. We moved to India shortly afterwards for a few years and Thriller was one of the few albums we had in English, so I listened to it a hell of a lot. As a child it all seemed great apart from the naff ‘Girl Is Mine’ duet with Paul McCartney, that I really tried to like but couldn’t. And I mean I really did want to like it because the rest of the album was so great, but that song was so terrible.

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Londons Ethnicity Mix

I love the fact that London has such a great mix of peoples. Yesterday I went out and came across a Caribbean festival whilst wearing a Peruvian football shirt and hunting for a Russian Newspaper. The Newspaper being hunted for was eventually found in a Latvian shop, and I cycled through an orthodox Jewish area and had a South American lunch on the way back.