Any Love Is Good Love CD launched

Any Love Is Good Love CD cover
Any Love Is Good Love CD cover

You can now purchase the Any Love Is Good Love compilation album from the page on Bandcamp, which aims to raise awareness of raise awareness of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. Much respect is due to Emma from Ten Tigers/Lost Harbours and Ste McCabe who put it together. Funds from this are going to LGBT Youth North West (formerly Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester). You can read Emma’s thoughts on the Any Love Is Good Love compilation album, which aims to raise awareness as well as funds.

You can watch the video for the Karmadillo contribution. The compilation has a foreword from Peter Tatchell, artwork by Luis Drayton and features music from: Ste McCabe, Ten Tigers, The Lovely Eggs, The Get, Das Wanderlust (last ever recording), Bearsuit, Tumbledryer Babies, Death of the Elephant, Dragchrist, Salty Lips, Pocket Gods, Mary Cigarettes, Karmadillo, Art Gruppe, Stella Zine, Zorras, Lost Harbours and my favourite named artist of the bunch, Toska Wilde.

George Takei inspires….

‘Don’t Listen To The Douchebags (Listen To George Takei)’ is a properly recorded version of a Youtube thing I did. That acoustic-recorded-on-the-webcam song was inspired by George Takei’s response to a school board member in the US who went on a Facebook rant saying he wished all the gay kids were dead. The board member later ended up resigning live on TV. Shortly after that I had the opportunity to contribute to a compilation CD highlighting gay and transgender bullying issues, so recorded the song properly, and made a video. Which cheekily features it’s inspiration 😉 Here it is:

This version of the song was recorded two years ago, and the incident that inspired the George Takei response was before that, but amidst the fuss over legalising gay marriage (in the UK) has also brought out the stories of violence and harassment of gay and trans-gendered people.

This song is being released on the Any Love Is Good Love compilation CD, which aims to raise awareness as well as fundraise. You can purchase the album from the Any Love Is Good Love page on Bandcamp. Much respect is due to from Ten Tigers/Lost Harbours and Ste McCabe who put it together. Funds from this are going to LGBT Youth North West (formerly Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester).

Any Love Is Good Love CD cover
Any Love Is Good Love CD cover

Gosh, it’s been awhile!

I’ll be coming out of sabbatical with a gig tonight at Cambridge’s Bright Club Re:generation event during the Cambridge Science Festival. I’ll be unveiling two new Professor Karmadillo songs to the public – one on the Mars Curiosity Rover, and t’other on one of the freakiest looking creatures that also aids cancer research – the naked mole rat.

Cambridge Bright Club Regeneration flyer

It also looks like some bits need tweaking with the website and I’ll be changing mailing list provider, so I’ll soon be back to updating you regularly with Karmadillo and Professor Karmadillo shenanigans!

Take Care


December giggage

After 8 months or so of baby-led hiatus, Karmadillo will be making a trio of appearances this December at Cambridge venues.

The first will be
Thursday 13th December – supporting Jacqui & Geoff at The Cornerhouse
Sunday 16th December – interlude at the Fat Fox Productions Christmas Show at CB2, Norfolk Street
Tuesday 18th December – supporting the excellent Kerfuffle at The Portland Arms, Cambridge, touring on their new Lighten The Dark album.

Dusting off the ol’ Charango

Took the charango out its case this week, and gave it a little strum. Felt good, but tempered by the fact this was at 6am! Need it as I have two gigs this week, and luckily the baby doesn’t get woken by it from the far side of the flat. Hope the same applies to the neighbours! Will fit rehearsing in around work and baby hours. The gigging is a pain to get started again but it has got me going again to the point where I’m planning the next album.

When I can record it is another matter!

Crunchy On The Inside

It was 6 years ago this week that we released ‘Crunchy On The Inside’. In that primitive era there was only a CD release of the album. There was also some great artwork…

Anyway, this album has now been released on digital stores, together with additional tracks, as an enhanced version.

The version on Bandcamp will be updated to include the new tracks soon as well.

Baby Monitoring System Review

Thank god for baby monitoring systems. Finally after weeks of linen and cream oriented purchases can buy something ELECTRONIC!!!

I’m also feeling the urge to blog about the one we bought in the end – the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Sensor Mat Monitor, though part of me also now looks longingly at the Snuza

I like the Tommee Tippee one as the range allows us to get some fresh air thanks to 300m on the re-chargeable docking station. There is some sort of noise floor detector so it turns off the audio if no sound is being made, and has lights on the handset even if the voice is turned down. The BT one also had lights, but was a bit less elegant. It also gives a temperature monitor which was one thing we were after in particular. At the moment we haven’t used the motion detection via mattress system, and there are other bits and bobs like remote controllable night light and a two way talk system which allows me to have conversations with the wife while she is holding the baby.

Why the Snuza might be nice is that they have a base unit that is battery powered as well, making it a bit more portable.