Drum Map Managers

Most of Karmadillo stuff is recorded using Sonar, currently on version 8.5. Since Karmadillo have moved from being a full band to a one man act, one of the things I’ve had to engage in is with putting drum tracks on the audio recorded. Cakewalk provide something called Session Drummer that I’ve not managed to get to grips with, but I’m outlining the steps here that I go through to make it easier to remember the steps I go through each time.

First of all, add a MIDI track by choosing Right Click –> Add MIDI track.

Assign the output of the MIDI track to a Drum Map. I tend to choose GM Drums (Complete Kit).

Not being particularly understanding of how MIDI works I use a Software Synth to make noises. I do this by choosing Insert –> Soft Synth –> Cakewalk TTS. Here ensure that MIDI source is disabled and the First Synth Audio Output option is enabled.

To get this working you need to open the Drum Map Manager and choose the drum map you’ve got. Change the Out Port settings to be the Cakewalk TTS Software Synth you have just created. To do this double click on an Out Port entry, hold down the Shift and Ctrl buttons and THEN select the Cakewalk TTS option.

When you add notes to the Piano Roll for the Midi track created initially and start playing you know should get drum sounds out.

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