Ben There, Done That (A Computer Game Review)

As a computer gamer and a lover of terrible puns I was drawn to a game featuring two badly drawn characters on Steam – Ben There, Dan That. When the opening puzzle involves placing a lit ****** up a zombies ***** you know you are on to a winner big time!

Like Sam and Max, its a point and click adventure game featuring two characters, with a humourous and lateral thinking approach to its puzzles. Trying to examine and pick up everything is something you normally do in adventure games is a sign of desperation but here its a sign of the quality of writing – from the extended quoting from the bible and comments on lager louts and the quality of ladies toilets.

While the humour is kept up all the way through, it also has the right level of playability – I only got really stuck once on this. The game is quite short, but on Steam its also bundled with its sequel at only £2.99 at time of writing, which makes the games a winner! You can also download it from their website for free, but please give them a donation if you play for do so, and/or try their other games out. This pair needs to be cherished.

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