Be Part of a Karmadillo NHS Themed Song/Video

The NHS-bashing hullaballo has inspired a Karmadillo song, Born On The N.H.S. It’ll be one of those with a hastily done video, so I’m putting out a call to arms.

There are three ways to go if you want to be part of it.

1. A picture of yourself with a poster or placard saying ‘Born On The N.H.S.’ and send an email to Bonus points are awarded for making the piccies in front of an NHS institution itself. ADDENDUM: As we are getting quite a few of these if you could actually send the photo with one of the words from: Born, On, The, NHS that would be cool. Or three of you hold up one letter each for an NHS type thing would also be groovy. Use your imagination!

2. We will also try to work in videos made of yourselves dancing or singing along to the words in front of your favourite institution. If this is the case please email me and I will get you a rough copy of the song to do this to.

3. We may be able to do the mix/a remix of the song to include snippets of personal stories – so you could make a video/audio recording of yourself saying a few sentences about what the NHS has done for you.

The body of the email should say that this is yourself and you consent to being in the video. If you are under 18 you should have your parent/guardian send it with their consent.

I’d be starting work on the video after finishing the Scottish jaunt so if stuff could be sent in for 30th August that would be great. Note: Date changed due to my slackness – 3rd September is when I’ll get to working on the video, So EMAIL BEFORE THEN!!!

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  1. Note that this is now extended – I won’t start the video until the weekend so 3rd September is now the deadline (changed in the text above).

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