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10 Years of The Charango & Nee Health Service Fundraiser

It will be 10 Years since I wondered into a shop somewhere in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia. To celebrate this momentous moment I thought I would have a gig. It will also be the last Karmadillo gig for a while due to imminent baby arrival – plus the last time I drink as after this I will be on emergency labour transport alert. It’s going to be a party!

To say a big thank you to the staff at the NHS who have given knee operations and physiotherapy this will be a fundraiser for Chesterton Hospital Physiotherapy Section and the Osteopath Clinic at Addenbrookes. I put my faith in them, they gave me hop, and now I repay with charity.

Also a big thank you to the following peeps for supporting me in this endeavour. Check out their websites and music!
Karmadillo 10.15-11.00
Jacqui & Geoff 9.40-10.05 – Acoustic songwriting brilliance feature Tom from The Pony Collaboration on drums
Jana Tyrell/Happy Hunting 9.05-9.30 – – great vocalist and pianist coming up from London
Tom Conway 8.45-9 – Scottish blues and acoustic mellowness
David Young who was scheduled to play can’t make it any more.

Portland Arms, near Staples in Cambridge. 8pm start £6/£3 NHS staff

Fundraising for Addenrookes/Chesterton gig flyer
Fundraising for Addenrookes/Chesterton gig flyer

Any Love Is Good Love

I wrote a track after hearing about a school board member who suggested that gay school kids go top themselves. I then heard about the Any Love Is Good Love CD project via Emma from Ten Tigers which aims to highlight the issue of homophobic violence. I’ve recorded a full version of this song and am now proud to announce it will feature on the CD which is released by Cherryade Records in September.

any love is good love publicity poster

Here is the original acoustic version. It was one of those that was written and youtube’d in an hour, but has become our most popular vid. Hope you like it too.

Cambridge Band Competition!!!!


So I finally applied for the Cambridge Band Competition this year and have made it through to the heats! The gig is on March 17th  at The Portland Arms. I’m feeling so nervous about this gig that straight after writing this I ‘m going to have to use the loo. It will be the first full gig I will be doing since the knee operation so just being able to stand up for the duration of the set counts as a victory for me!

Any support would be really appreciated for this – there is an audience vote as well as the judges decision which can influence getting into the finals – so if you are free this St Patricks Day – please come along!

Band Comp 2011 Heats Poster

Rishi Karmadillo knee Operation

So I’m sitting at home recovering from the knee operation I had last week. Its still a bit swollen but I’ve started the exercise regime and we’ll see how it all goes. I think it will be three or four more weeks before I’ll be gigging again – am now arranging things for future gigs so the calendar is getting fuller!

Unfortunately the anesthetic and the pain killers left me in a dazed state and I regressed back to my teenage years where I dreamed I was Jimmy Page.

It persisted right up until the point I left.

Now I have stopped air guitaring I can finally update the blog. Many thanks to the lovely Katya for looking after me!

Hope to be gigging soon.

Bard For Life Album Cover

We’re pleased to announce the album cover of the forthcoming BARD FOR LIFE album!

It was drawn by Miss Roberts of Rude Mechanicals fame.

Karmadillo 'Bard For Life' album cover

Drop us a line if you’d like to stay informed of its release date.

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Cambridge Folk Festival

On the back of being the Cambridge Busking Festival 2010 winner, it looks like some club tent appearances have materialised at the Cambridge Folk Festival! Got Club Tent performances on the Friday and the Sunday afternoon (2pm)- will update on Twitter for on the festival site updates!

Here are some images of the last time we played the Folk Festival from 2005.