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All events Karmadillo are doing!

Mill Road Winter Fair

If you can’t get your live Karmadillo fix due to gigs being in the evening and on school nights you can attend our Saturday morning gig at this years Mill Road Winter Fair in Cambridge. I’ll be playing in the intriguing Hope Street Yard – here’s a fuller line-up

10.00 –10.30 – Matt & Ryan,
10.40 –11.10 – Karmadillo,
11.20 –11.50 – Paul McAffrey
12.00 –12.30 – David Youngs,
12.40 –13.15 – Steve Lockwood, – TBC
13.25 –14.00 – Gavin Adam Wood,
14.10 –15.10 – Sidewinder,
15.20 –16.00 – Ain’t Misbehavin’,
16.10 –16.50 – Freddie Hall,
17.00 –17.45 – The Della Portas

Cambridge Museum of Technology gig

Playing a gig in an interesting old building with lots of history (keeping the river free of pollution from the late 1890s to 1968), you can help support the museum that was saved from demolition after it closed in 1968 and has been run mainly by volunteers, on a low budget, ever since. The day runs from 11 to 5 – Karmadillo will be on in the afternoon 2-4pm, and I’m trying to write something to fit in with the building as well!

Professor Karmadillo – first PUBlic appearance

So the first Professor Karmadillo gig will happen on October 3rd at The Portland Arms, Cambridge.

It will be as opening support – and ironically this first gig is on a night featuring another bands last. After 4 albums and however many years The Vichy Government are stopping. The night will have films, a fez on the door for donations, free junk and fully licenced bar. Well, thats according to the Facebook page where you can say if you are coming or not. The other act on is Quimper.

Here’s the guys from Vichy Government doing their take on a Nirvana song….

Parklife – Milton Country Park, Sunday 24th July

Karmadillo will be playing at PARKLIFE at 12.15pm – in the Arts Area is up near the War Memorial/ Remembrance Meadow at Milton Country Park. If you don’t know where this this there will be some at the entrance/ information point able to direct you.

Arts Arena Programme:
11.00 – 11.25am Gamlingay Records
11.25 – 11.50am Tom Conway
11.50am – 12.15 Street Screamers
12.15 – 12.40pm Karmadillo
12.40 – 1.05pm Split Whiskers
1.05 – 1.35pm Sports displays
1.35 – 2.00pm Cambridge Harmony
2.00 – 2.30pm Split Whiskers
2.30 – 3.30pm Collision Carnival relay
3.30 – 4.00pm Closing Parade

Parking at Milton Country Park is £4 but its an easy cycle ride. See here for full info!