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For a more personal take on things than the offical news announcements.

A Poem for Marvin the Moose

As part of a request by Jeremy Sallis’ BBC Breakfast show here is my poem for Marvin the Moose. Marvin The Moose being the Cambridge United mascot with an interesting backstory.

We might field drained like a victory has been shown the hangmans noose,
We might be down after twenty with seventy more till the truce,
We might feel as rubbish as Jim Davidson trying to replace Bruce,
But the players can be brilliant ;
with inspiration;
Here comes your Moose.

Sometimes whats on the field or boardroom can seem disheartenin’,
And of silverware sometimes, it feels like we’re starvin’,
But players on the field, and fans who’ve paid their farthing
Can feel
Like a hero
When cheered on by Marvin

Apologies to Filbert Fox, from the real team I support, Leicester City

Powersliding is hard on the knees

At Thursdays Giggling Gig I had the urge to to the thing where you run along fall to your knees and slide along the ground leaning backwards looking cool. Except I didn’t quite get the looking cool bit, but did just tear my trousers and get a nasty cut and bruise combination going on in my knee!

The result of powersliding

As well as the injuries I did leave with a CD from one of the other bands playing that night – The Nimble Wits – check them out if they play in your area. I had to leave before getting the full experience from The Quirky alas.

Of the two comics that night Steve Forbes was my favourite – one liner after one liner. He also was not the Steve Forbes who is actively spending millions ensuring millions of poor Americans don’t get access to health care.

Anish Kapoor / Royal Academy of Arts

So this week in between gigs in London I had a visit to the Anish Kapoor exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts. It felt a bit pricey at £12 for a not huge number of pieces, but some of the pieces are pretty impressive.

Anish Kapoor is a sculptor/architect making quite large pieces in some instances.

Due to time and not really being an expert on the man or his art I’m not going to go into huge details or analysis of the pieces here, at least not now, but the immediate standout was the multi-room encompassing Svayambh. Its a giant blood red piece of wax moving between rooms – truly a sight to behold.

Amongst other things there was a room themed on mirrors and hot wax being shot from a canon (make sure you get to see this happen – once every twenty minutes).

London Ukulele Festival Award Nominations!

One of the highlights of our year was a great gig at the London Ukulele Festival near Liverpool Street Station in London. I’ve just received this message saying they’ve been nominated for various awards, but need YOU to help them out!

Festival Awards has just informed us that in fact we are also added to Best New Festival Awards Category. I think they had a record number of festivals enter this year and so are still putting the finishing touches to the first round.

Again please vote for us here

Best Small Festival
Best Family Festival
Best New Festival

See this for a flavour of it

Chocolate Bar Winner!!!

Last month there was a competition to win a chocolate bar run by Feelgood Organic Hampers based in Ireland.

It was an original idea for competition – emulate the great Ernest Hemingway. Not to write a grand novel with a stoical man as its central character, thankfully something shorter. He was once bet 10 dollars that he could write a story in 6 words. His winning story was:

“For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Similarly contestants had to write a six word story about chocolate. My winning entry?

“run over but saved chocolate bar”

(read the other entries here!)

Anyway the chocolate bar has not only arrived but it is one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. It feels creamy, tastes quite honey like (probably due to the fact its made from cane sugar). Its great – a Wilde Irish Organic Chocolate Bar, and it available from Feelgood Organic Hampers if you want to experience this joy as well!

Wilde Irish Orgasmic/Orgasmic Chocolate Bar
Wilde Irish Orgasmic/Orgasmic Chocolate Bar

September Engagements!

Not news of any of our gigs this month …. If any of you have met the lovely Katya at any gigs or the suchlike, after coming back from our Edinburgh Fringe Festival appearance I proposed. Anyway, she said yes! So all I can say right now it w00t!!!

Be Part of a Karmadillo NHS Themed Song/Video

The NHS-bashing hullaballo has inspired a Karmadillo song, Born On The N.H.S. It’ll be one of those with a hastily done video, so I’m putting out a call to arms.

There are three ways to go if you want to be part of it.

1. A picture of yourself with a poster or placard saying ‘Born On The N.H.S.’ and send an email to Bonus points are awarded for making the piccies in front of an NHS institution itself. ADDENDUM: As we are getting quite a few of these if you could actually send the photo with one of the words from: Born, On, The, NHS that would be cool. Or three of you hold up one letter each for an NHS type thing would also be groovy. Use your imagination!

2. We will also try to work in videos made of yourselves dancing or singing along to the words in front of your favourite institution. If this is the case please email me and I will get you a rough copy of the song to do this to.

3. We may be able to do the mix/a remix of the song to include snippets of personal stories – so you could make a video/audio recording of yourself saying a few sentences about what the NHS has done for you.

The body of the email should say that this is yourself and you consent to being in the video. If you are under 18 you should have your parent/guardian send it with their consent.

I’d be starting work on the video after finishing the Scottish jaunt so if stuff could be sent in for 30th August that would be great. Note: Date changed due to my slackness – 3rd September is when I’ll get to working on the video, So EMAIL BEFORE THEN!!!